TRLC Testimonials


TRLC Testimonials
TRLC Testimonials


TRLC Testimonials

Congrats on pulling off the event today. Good insights and quality exchange among participants. This Conference gives us a chance to gain insight and discuss where we are and where we are going and start to form some level of unified voice around a broader industry. Glad to have attended.

Sylvester John, West Africa Executive @ Game Stores (Walmart, US)


The Conference was a great, enlightening and insightful program. The organizers have done a very good job and they are pioneering the new frontier for retail and I believe everybody will follow suit. This is the beginning and it’s the beginning of very good things to come.

Adeola Arotiba, Head Retail Services (West Africa) @ GFK and Technology


Thanks for an enlightening conference. Very impressed with the production.

Jide Odunsi, Founder @ Grace Lake Partners


I just wanted to say that it was a great conference and I personally enjoyed the day.

Dotun Adegoke, Senior Buyer @ Sports UK’s biggest sports store, UK


Thank you very much for the conference, it was a beautiful event. I think we have a long road to go in bringing more to e-commerce and retail in Nigeria., but am very confident that we are going in the right direction with a conference like this one.

Dr Jonathan Doerr, Former Managing Director @ Jumia


Thanks for a great effort of a genuine patriot. This is a great work in the making. I see this conference growing to become a very important part of our national economic life.

Wale Olaoye, Managing Directors @ Halogen Security

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